Health-10 Tips for Abundant Energy

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Health-10 Tips to Have Abundant Energy

My name is Linda Dietrick. I am known as the Over 40 Chick. I am dedicated to finding solutions to problems for women and sometimes men, over 40. Actually, I am almost 60 years old. I have more nenergy now than when I was much younger. As a matter of fact, I have more energy now than people that are much younger than I am.

Many years ago, I was a snail. I had no energy whatsoever. Getting out of bed was a struggle for me. I have tried many products, have studied nutrition and I have come up with solutions that work. I can now go all day and into the night without wearing out. I also excercise every day and we're not talking about a walk around the block. Here are my 10 best tips for developing energy.

1. Drink more fluids;

Sometimes when we are dragging it is not because we are tired but because we are dehydrated. Try stepping up your water intake and drink more herbal teas. Cut down on coffee, it's dehydrating. Kick pop to the curb. It's full of sugar and it's robbing your energy. The sugar free pops are worse for you. There is nothing worthwhile in pop. Get rid of the habit.

2. Rev up your diet;

Eat more protien and balance it with whole grains. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly in the raw state. Stay away from white flour and sugar. Get packaged foods, canned foods and anything with hydrodgenated fat out of your cupboard.

3. Drink herbal tea with Stevia;

I found this wonderful combination wen I was having problems with my eyes. I was using eyebright tea and I wanted to replace sugar. I found Stevia, a natural sweetener at the health food store. I soon noticed that I had a lot more energy after I drank it. I am sure that other teas such as peppermint would give you the same effect, it is the Stevia that is the energy producer. Experiment a nd find what works for you.

4. Get more exercise;

A walk at lunch hour while on the job will do you far more good than that latte. Walk, don't stroll, put some push into it. Whatever you like to do for exercise do it more often or find something new that you like to do. It seems contradictory that moving and exercise will perk you up when you are tired but it never fails.

5. Another good pick-me-up is;

A glass of pure water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it. Add a spoonful of good honey, not honey from the grocery but honey from the health food store, and you have a health cocktail that never fails. My grandmother drank this faithful and still was Ms. Energy late into her 90's. She got the recipe from a book by Paul Bragg and the Bragg's make a fantastic apple cider vinegar also.

6. Make sure that your diet;

contains plenty of fiber. Make sure that you are having normal bowel movements. If you don't move your bowels properly, toxins and poisons back up into your system and will sap your energy, which will be the least of your problems at this point.

7. Value your health;

This takes discipline. I have seen people fall every day. I have done it. You're sticking to a great health plan, you're feeling great, then you go off of it. A month or so later, when you're feeling like crap, you go back on it. Energy is a dlow and you have to make a commitment not to interrupt that flow. That doesn't mean that you can't have a treat once in a while but don't make it a lifestyle.

8. Take breathing breaks;

We just don't breathe deeply enough. I have always been a shallow breather and so are most people. Now when I'm out in the fresh air, even if I'm just getting out of the car, I purpously take deep breaths. This clears my head and gives me energy. If you are exercising outside, so much the better. This also gets rid of toxins in the body. Try it, it's great for you.

9. Develop a positive attitude;

Negativity is draining. When I was a little girl I lived in a house full of depression. It clung to me as I grew older. It finally struck me that I needed to develop a positive attitude as I was waiting on an elderly couple one day. Nothing pleased them. They gave me negative reports about there world and warned me that growing older was no fun. They spoke so negatively to each other it made me shudder and then I found out that they were only half the age I took them for. I made up my mind right then that I would study, learn and practice a positive attitude every day. A positive, cheerful outlook will do wonders for your energy level.

10. Find a great energy product;

something that gets you out of bed and dancing in the morning.
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Have a great energetic day, Linda